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Nik's Story

Nikolas (known to his friends and family as Nik or Nikky) was always a mischievous, sporty, energetic, fun loving, and free spirited boy who just loved to be around family and friends, laughing and having fun. Nik had played football and rugby league among other sports, and was even part of a traditional Filipino youth dance group.

So it was a surprise that in 2012, at almost 12 years of age, Nik started becoming less energetic and complaining of back pain, sore knees and pains in his limbs. Some days he'd be fine, but other days he'd just want to sleep throughout the day and night, not having enough energy to do much more.

After several months, numerous doctor’s visits and referrals to several health specialists the family still had no answer to why Nik was in so much pain.

Eventually Nik was referred to Wollongong Hospital. It was a Saturday and the admissions office was closed. Determined to find out what was wrong with her son, Nik’s mum Jenny refused to leave and waited 24 hours for a doctor to see them.

More tests, more doctors and finally a CT scan was ordered. The family was then told they needed to see a specialist oncologist at the Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick immediately. Upon arriving in Sydney they were finally told what the scan had revealed. A tumor and that it was more than likely Neuroblastoma stage 4.

In the words of Jenny ‘I was in shock. I had never heard of it and never knew it was related to Cancer. Even worse, we were told that Neuroblastoma was a Cancer found in younger children (under 5) and more rare in 12 year olds (Nik's age of diagnosis), therefore, harder to treat. My heart broke into a million pieces when the head doctor said that there would be a 25% chance of the treatment working. But still, there was always that ray of hope’.  

Nik has now undergone many blood tests, scans, and x-rays; an operation to remove the tumour; 3 bi-lateral bone marrow biopsies; 5 rounds of introductory chemotherapy and the first of two of his second chemotherapy protocols. He has handled everything so bravely that it really has been an inspiring journey thus far to see how strong Nik is in spirit.

Jenny applied to the Olivia Lambert Foundation for financial assistance to help cover the transport and accommodation costs associated with regular travel between their home in Wollongong and the Hospital in Sydney.  This allows the family to stay close to Nik when he’s enduring his treatment and lessens the financial burden that living with cancer creates.   The foundation provided not only offered financial assistance but also a sense of understanding.  ‘After being referred to OLF by a friend, I was able to speak to Olivia Lambert's grandfather, Richard. I didn't feel so alone in our battle against Neuroblastoma and felt relieved to hear from someone so empathetic’ Jenny said.

To help the Olivia Lambert Foundation to assist other families living with childhood cancer, you can become a Sponsor or make a donation.