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Beren's Story

Being told your unborn child has a cyst in her brain and to prepare for the worst is every parent’s nightmare. Hoping for the best, Doctors delivered Beren and her twin sister Irem on 5 March 2014. Unfortunately their fears were realised with Doctors confirming the cyst had grown to 9cm, and she required urgent surgery to drain liquid from her brain.

The operation was a success, however she was then diagnosed as having a CNS PNET grade IV.  Beren’s parents, Gulah and Nuh,  were obviously shocked and devastated.  They were told she had a 25-30% chance of surviving the cancer and commenced chemotherapy in the hope that they would win the battle to save their little girl.

Many sleepless nights at the hospital began for Gulah as her husband stayed home looking after Irem, Beren’s twin and their older brothers.   

Beren is currently receiving  chemotheraphy, and has been discharged with clinic visits at least 3 times a week.  An MRI was done on 5th November 2014 to see how things are progressing as well as  an ultrasound on Irem to make sure she is ok.  At the time of writing MRI results had not yet been released, we offer our prayers for good news.   

‘We, the Badem family, are touched and thank everyone at the Olivia Lambert Foundation for their generous  donation to us and words could not describe how much this means to us.  People say that money does not buy happiness but I can assure you that it is a relief that we were given this donation as both of us are not at work because of Beren's care and treatment.

Hopefully, with the help of God Beren beats this cancer and lives a normal life.  Once again we would like to thank again an organisation like yours are making a difference to affected families with terminally ill kids. Thank you and God Bless.’

Guler Badem and family.

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