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Bailon's Story

Imagine the stress and heartache of being told your 3 year old son has cancer. Then the struggle of having to travel for treatment, split up siblings and eventually move away from the only home he knew. 

That’s exactly what happened to Randy Johnson. On 10th April 2013 his world was torn apart when his son Bailon was diagnosed with an aggressive form of High Risk Neuroblastoma (stage 4). This is a rare type of cancer that develops in infants and young children.

For Bailon, life used to be about football and Spongebob Squarepants—but unfortunately these days it's about syringes and stitches.

Bailon originally started out in Tamworth Hospital however as the tests started to come in they realised something more serious was happening. Bailon and his father were flown to John Hunter Children’s Hospital to access the specialist Paediatric Oncology services and it was here that they received the diagnosis.

Due to the aggressive nature of the disease, Bailon had to commence intensive chemotherapy immediately.  They were told Bailon’s treatment could take up to 12 to 18 months. This would also mean that Bailon and his father would have to relocate to Newcastle as most of the time he would be in hospital.

Unfortunately this also meant that Bailon’s siblings, Alysha aged 8, Taylar aged 7 and Rhyarna aged 2 were unable to travel with them and had to remain in care in Tamworth. Randy says ‘It’s difficult being away from them and we don’t get to see them as often as we need to, but we don’t have much option other than to be separated at this stage.’

Aside from the stress of Bailon’s treatment and being away from his girls, Randy was also experiencing financial troubles as the costs of living away from home, the extra travel costs and treatment related expenses started to stack up.

The Olivia Lambert Foundation came across Bailon’s story via his Facebook page Help Bailons Fight With Cancer. It was story very familiar to the Foundation and we knew we had to help. We’ve since been able to assist and take away some of the financial pressure of Bailon’s treatment and living away from home. This has allowed Randy to focus on what’s important – his kids and Bailon’s health.

Bailon gained his angel wings on 9th September 2014. He showed courage and strength with whatever was thrown at him and still smiled on through it all. You can learn more about Bailon’s story at Bailons Fight With Cancer Facebook Page.

To help the Olivia Lambert Foundation help other families living with childhood cancer, you can become a sponsor or make a donation.