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Asha's Story

As Asha approached her 2nd birthday she'd been very unwell. She was sleepy (which was unusual for Asha!), fevers of around 39 every day and just looked terrible. Desperate for answers, Asha's mother had seen 4 different GP’s over the course of the month, who put it down to Tonsillitis, Viral Infections and colds. She knew that it was something more, but certainly didn’t expect what was to come.

On Sunday, 13th October 2013 Asha's mother took her to the local emergency department and demanded blood tests. After hours of waiting they were informed that Asha had a very high white cell count and was suspected to have Leukaemia. Asha and her mother were transported to Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, a 3 hour trip. The next few days were a complete whirlwind of needles, blood transfusions, medication. After a few days Asha was diagnosed with High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Treatment began immediately. They remained in Melbourne for about 50 days, with family coming to visit when they could.  When they were finally able to go back home, Asha and her mother were required to make the weekly 500km + round trip for treatment.

Asha's treatment is ongoing and with weekly trips to Melbourne you can imagine the financial strain this incurred. Not being able to work anymore and the cost of petrol, parking at the hospital, medication and other necessities whilst away from home. Asha's mother was told about the Olivia Lambert Foundation by a family member. At first she was hesitant to apply but then realised that she really did need the help in order to provide Asha with everything she needed.

Asha is in remission (March 2014), about to commence her second last phase of treatment. She is doing well but there is still a long road ahead.

Asha's family feel very fortunate that the Olivia Lambert Foundation was able to provide financial assistance, which has made it just a bit easier to get through the hardest time of their lives.

To help the Olivia Lambert Foundation to assist other families living with childhood cancer, you can become a Sponsor or make a donation.