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Amelia's Story

Amelia Reibelt is a two year old girl who lives with her Mum, Nicolette and Dad, Matthew, and four brothers and sisters at Bellingen, on the far north coast of NSW. Amelia especially loves rocking horses and Peppa Pig.

Amelia was hospitalised after a fall for what was thought to be concussion and once she improved, she was sent home. However, neurological symptoms that came and went led to her being hospitalised many times in Belligen, Coffs Harbour and John Hunter Children’s Hospitals for ongoing tests. Finally, four months ago, it was diagnosed that Amelia has neuroblastoma.

Amelia started intensive treatment at the John Hunter’s Children Hospital which will continue for the next nine months.  Nicolette describes Amelia as ‘very spirited, determined and a fighter. She is always very forgiving about any procedures and is thankful to the doctors’.

While Amelia has been receiving treatment in Newcastle, her siblings have had to remain five hours away in Bellingen, while her Mum or Dad take it in turns to be with her. Being apart from each other and the constant travelling has been very tough for the family so Nicolette and Matthew decided to relocate to be closer to the hospital.

The Olivia Lambert Foundation financial assistance has enabled the family to pack up and move house, and they are now able to live close to the Hospital, to be near Amelia. 

To help the Olivia Lambert Foundation help other families living with childhood cancer, you can become a sponsor or make a donation.