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Our Kid's Stories

The Olivia Lambert Foundation has been able to offer financial support to several families living with childhood cancer, here are some of their stories. This would not be possible without the generous support of our Sponsors and ongoing fundraising by OLF and the local community - thank you!

Help OLF support more families in need by donating or becoming a sponsor.

Our Angels

Although these children fight with everything they have, sometimes it is not enough and we have to say goodbye. Below are Our Angels, those that were unable to win their battle with childhood cancer. It is through their strength and determination ...

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Olivia's Story

Sadly, precious 8 year old Olivia Lambert passed away on Tuesday 14 August 2012 after a 6 year battle with neuroblastoma, a rare and very aggressive childhood cancer. Her courage and determination to beat this disease against all odds captured...

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Jade's Story

Jade was once a bubbly three year old, however this all changed in November 2014 when she became unwell. She was vomiting, lethargic and didn’t want to leave her mum’s side. After numerous trips to the GP there were still no answers as to wh...

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Beren's Story

Being told your unborn child has a cyst in her brain and to prepare for the worst is every parent’s nightmare. Hoping for the best, Doctors delivered Beren and her twin sister Irem on 5 March 2014. Unfortunately their fears were realised wit...

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Bailon's Story

Imagine the stress and heartache of being told your 3 year old son has cancer. Then the struggle of having to travel for treatment, split up siblings and eventually move away from the only home he knew.

That’s exactly what happen...

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Nik's Story

Nikolas (known to his friends and family as Nik or Nikky) was always a mischievous, sporty, energetic, fun loving, and free spirited boy who just loved to be around family and friends, laughing and having fun. Nik had played football and rug...

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Asha's Story

As Asha approached her 2nd birthday she'd been very unwell. She was sleepy (which was unusual for Asha!), fevers of around 39 every day and just looked terrible. Desperate for answers, Asha's mother had seen 4 diff...

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Emily's Story

Emily Shackleton was just 9 years old when in a matter of six weeks she lost half her body weight, had severe mood fluctuations, severe headaches and was generally unwell. She had tests and everything came back normal. The doctor looked...

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Harrison's Story

Harrison first starting experiencing pain in his left leg early In December of 2013. At first the pain seemed like a niggly sports injury or as a GP diagnosed - growing pains. These explanations seemed reasonable. Harrison is an active 13 ye...

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Bethany's Story

When a family has to cope with the illness of a mother and daughter, it is heartbreaking. Bethany was born with a hereditary genetic medical condition called Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1), which she inherited from her mother, Jennifer. She ...

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Amelia's Story

Amelia Reibelt is a two year old girl who lives with her Mum, Nicolette and Dad, Matthew, and four brothers and sisters at Bellingen, on the far north coast of NSW. Amelia especially loves rocking horses and Peppa Pig.

Amelia was ho...

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