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The Olivia Lambert Foundation

The Olivia Lambert Foundation (ABN 16 084 668 667) was established on 12 August 2010 as a registered charity, the purpose being to provide: 

money, property or benefits to, or for the relief, maintenance, support and benefit of Olivia Lambert and other Australian children suffering neuroblastoma or other aggressive forms of cancer and who are in necessitous circumstances

The Foundation has five trustees:

  • Richard Hedges AM - Olivia’s Grandfather and Founder         
  • Ian Lambert - Olivia’s Grandfather and a former Senior Executive with Geoscience Australia
  • Wayne Byrne - Partner Vanzwan Accounting Plus
  • Ben Fuller - Partner with Meyer Vandenberg Lawyers in Canberra 
  • Natasha Vanzetti - Discovery Coach & Business Mentor


Sponsors Invited to Participate

The ability of the foundation to support financially disadvantaged families with children who are suffering aggressive forms of childhood cancer depends on the generous support of the community. 

The intention of the foundation is to repeat the spectacularly successful charity dinner and auction held on 11 September 2010 or substitute an alternative fund raising event but this will depend on community support and in particular sponsorship from Australian businesses. 

Ongoing sponsorship of the foundation would be rewarded by wide media exposure, naming rights and acknowledgment of the generosity extended. Despite overtures within the Canberra community and pleas for sponsorship through this website, no businesses have yet volunteered to step up a sponsorship role. You could be the inaugural sponsor! 

The point of contact for the foundation is the founder and trustee, Richard Hedges. Please Contact Us for further information.


To view the Olivia Lambert Foundation Privacy Policy please click on the link below.

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