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About OLF

The Olivia Lambert Foundation was established after the Trustees saw first hand the despair and anxiety of dealing with critically ill kids both emotionally and financially. A child's illness is a burden in itself but the crippling financial burden of job loss, travel and treatment is also a major concern.

The foundation exists to assist families through these difficult financial circumstances. 

The Olivia Lambert Foundation

The Olivia Lambert Foundation (ABN 16 084 668 667) was established on 12 August 2010 as a registered charity, the purpose being to provide:

money, property or benefits to, or for the relief, maintenance, support and benefit...

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Our Patron Peter Overton

The Olivia Lambert Foundation is honoured to have Peter Overton, an extraordinarily popular and highly respected television journalist and Channel 9 Sydney’s 6 pm news reader as our Foundation Patron.

Peter’s und...

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