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Winding up of the Olivia Lambert Foundation

It is with regret that the Chairman and trustees of the Olivia Lambert Foundation, and the Lambert family, have decided to wind up the foundation.  

The Olivia Lambert Foundation was established in August 2010 primarily to provide financial assistance to the Lambert family for overseas treatment of Olivia in her battle with neuroblastoma.   Following Olivia’s sad passing in August 2012, the focus of the foundation turned to assisting families in similar situations with 26 families sharing a total of $274,847 in financial assistance.    

Like many charities which exist entirely on the goodwill of volunteers rather than paid staff, and are bereft of ongoing sponsorship, raising funds and promoting the charity to Children’s hospital and the wider community, is challenging.   The sad reality is that the Olivia Lambert Foundation (OLF) is a small fish in a big pond and could not be expected to exist for eternity

The legal processes for winding up the foundation are well advanced.   Surplus funds held by the charity must be redirected to another charity and to this end, the wishes of the Lambert family and the trustees are that these funds go to the Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia (CCIA) for research into childhood cancer.  

With the end now in sight, further donations to the foundation should cease after mid-June 2017 and applications for assistance from the foundation will not be accepted from this day.    This website and Facebook page will shortly be closed down. 

Over 400 individual donations have been made to the Olivia Lambert Foundation since its inception, and the Lambert family and foundation trustees are grateful for this support over the years.  It is humbling to know that the foundation has made a difference to families struggling to cope with childhood cancer and while this support will now cease, it is satisfying to know that our surplus funds will now help find a cure for childhood cancers.

Richard Hedges

9 June 2017